Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Wednesday, 14th December, 2016, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Twelve residents and Councillor Diane Calvert


Councillor Simon Woolf, Linda Caddick, Tony Fisher, Blair Cunningham, Pauline and Athol Swann, Ruth-Mary & Chris James, Errol Greaves.

Matters arising from minutes

Roadside grass cutting is probably delayed due to higher priority work following the Kaikoura earthquake. We should complain to Council if it gets really bad.

Sue Kedgley and Daran Ponter are the regional councillors to talk to about the bus proposals. Possibly, get someone from the Regional Council to talk to us about the proposals. An improved service would require more money.

Treasurer's report

No transactions during the year. We have $247 in the bank account.

Activities during 2016

Robert made submissions on behalf of the Association on the bus-stop at the bottom of Warwick Street..

Other business

Rats – Jim Tait has set up a rat trapping programme in Wilton - see catch report in notes at end of the minutes.

Buses - the current proposals are given in the notes at the end of the minutes.

Who inspects a house for earthquake resilience? ( See https://wellington.govt.nz/services/rates-and-property/earthquake-prone-buildings/strengthen-your-home/earthquake-assessment).

Where does one get rain-water tanks from? (These have been available from Council, supply seems variable).

Parking on footpaths - problem in a number of places in Wilton.

Thanks to David Vaughan of Tommy's for the cake.

Election of committee

Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee Owen Cocker
Colin Smith
Tony Fisher
Ron Macintosh
David Vaughan
Diana Ranger

The meeting finished around 9:15pm.


Rat catches (from Jim Tait’s newsletter)

























Total No Households










Bus services: copied from http://www.gw.govt.nz/wilton/


Wilton Route – Wilton Road, Warwick Street and Gloucester Street

New bus route (O) will serve Wilton with similar levels of service to now and some adjustments to specific bus times and bus size where required to ensure capacity is matched with demand. Some morning bus trips departing Wadestown have lower usage and will be replaced with additional trips starting from Wilton to better match capacity with demand. Sunday evening buses will run hourly rather than half hourly to reflect the level of usage.

Proposed changes to service levels are as follows:

·         Weekday peak – every 10-15 minutes (current average is every 13 minutes)

·         Weekday daytime – as now (every 30 minutes)

·         Weekday evening – as now (every 30 minutes)

·         Saturday – as now (every 30 minutes)

·         Sunday – daytime as now (every 30 minutes) and evening hourly (currently every 30 minutes)

At the Roseneath end the route will end at Hataitai Village to reduce duplication and overlap of bus services between Hataitai and Kilbirnie. Frequent free connections will be available in Wellington for passengers from Wilton wishing to travel to Kilbirnie as well as other destinations.

Mairangi Route – Pembroke Road, Mairangi Road and Norwich Street

New route (M) replaces the current routes 22 and 23 combined with the route 47 to provide a direct service with selected trips connecting to Crofton Downs, Ngaio, Khandallah and Johnsonville on weekdays (Mx). At the city end the new route (M) will end at Wellington Station to reduce duplication and congestion on the Golden Mile and provide more reliable departures as buses won’t be delayed travelling from Houghton Bay and Southgate as happens now.

Commuter services via Glenmore street (M1) will continue to be provided similar to the current route 13 with possible additional earlier and later trips to be considered in the afternoon peak.

Higher capacity buses may be used on these routes as required to meet demand.

Proposed service levels are as follows:

·         Weekday peak – every 15-20 minutes

·         Weekday daytime – as now (every 30 minutes)

·         Weekday evening – as now (hourly)

·         Saturday – as now (daytime every 30 minutes and evening hourly)

·         Sunday – daytime service reduced to hourly (currently every 30 minutes) and evening as now (hourly)