Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Monday, 7th December, 2015, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Ten residents and councillor Simon Woolf


Athol Swann, Tony Hurst, Gail Andrews, Blair Cunningham, Councillor Andy Foster

Matters arising from minutes

Dog exercise area on Curtis Street opposite Randwick Terrace is going ahead.

Simon Woolf notes that the area adjacent to the dog exercise area is being developed into an international standard BMX track with the ability to train young cyclists (youth exercise area?).

A question was asked whether there would be space for a car wash area (with drainage that wouldn't pollute the stream).

Treasurer's report

No transactions during the year. We have $247.12 in the bank account.

Activities during 2015

Robert made a submission on behalf of the Association on the Draft Suburban Reserves Management Plan.

Other business

Errol Greaves: "Grow Te Ahumairangi Forest" is a project to regenerate the Te AhuMairangi Forest and provide a vital haven for native birds and insect life in the Wilton Valley. 1000 trees have been planted above Cecil Road. They have a Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Grow-Te-AhuMairangi-Forest.

Rats Crofton Downs has essentially eliminated rats and stoats from their suburb. Can we do the same in parts of Wilton e.g. vicinity of Wilton's Bush and/or the Gloucester Street bush or adjacent to the town belt?

55-85 Curtis Street (Area south of Whitehead Road): the various appeals went to the Environment Court. See the Creswick Valley Residents' Association site for details. The Court allows the project to proceed subject to very stringent conditions. It looks like both sides accept the decision.


Other residents' associations - Khandallah and Karori Associations reforming; Crofton Downs/Ngaio very active

Bus shelters - council is responsible

Website - currently at http://www.robertnz.net/wilton/

Election of committee

Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee Owen Cocker
Colin Smith
Tony Fisher
Ron Macintosh
David Vaughan
Diana Ranger

The meeting finished around 9pm.