Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Thursday, 4th December, 2014, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Fourteen residents


Roger Crimp, Tony Chisholm, Tony Fisher, Jeremy Chan, Councillors Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster, Simon Woolf.

Matters arising from minutes

Previous minutes

Town belt - legislation is pending.

Bus routes

New bus routes from Wilton to Kilbirnie are very inconvenient for Wilton shoppers - many elderly - who go to Kilbirnie to do their shopping and will have to change buses with all their purchases.

Grass cutting and borders

Grass was cut around Gloucester and Hereford Streets just before meeting; probably a good time if it is going to be done just twice a year.

Diana and Robert are trying to control grass by Gloucester Street bush between 16 and 16A with planting and regular cutting.

55-85 Curtis Street (Area south of Whitehead Road)

Consent was given for Prime Property group to proceed subject to many conditions.

Treasurer's report

No transactions during the year. We have $246 in the bank account.

Activities during 2014

Robert made submissions on behalf of the Association on the Bus Services proposal and the resource consent for 55-85 Curtis Street (Area south of Whitehead Road) - see notes below.

Other business

Suburban Reserves - we were asked for submissions on a proposed policy document

Gloucester Street Reserve: bottom access desirable. Sycamore trees are noxious and hazard to power lines. Council needs to assist local residents removing rubbish - our suggestion

Warwick Street play area to be vested as a reserve - support.

Ian Galloway Park - Zealandia - Otari corridor to retain and enhance vegetation - support.

Relocate dog exercise area to a fenced area - support.

Consider track from Cheshire Street to Albermarle Road (our suggestion) and reclassify as a scenic reserve - support.

Wilton Park to be classified as a recreational reserve - what are the implications of this? - parking is a problem.

South end access to Trelessick Park desirable - our suggestion - council should see if it is possible.

Bus shelter

Suggestion that bus shelter outside number 16 Gloucester Street (an older style wooden one) should be tastefully painted with native bird and flora motifs.

Northland News

This is now online only - see http://www.northlandcommunitycentre.org.nz/.

Election of committee

Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee Tony Chisholm
Owen Cocker
Colin Smith
Tony Fisher
Ron Macintosh
Julia Ryan
David Vaughan
Diana Ranger

The meeting finished around 9pm.


Notes for meeting (Robert):

Bus services:

Bus proposals as of March 2014, updated to June 2014 see http://www.gw.govt.nz/rptp. To be implemented in 2017.

Proposal route 14, Wilton/Otari

       Runs between the current Surrey Street Terminal and terminates at Hataitai rather than Kilbirnie or Rongotai. Gloucester Street is still on the route.

       Weekday peak bus on average every 12 minutes (current average is every 13 minutes)

       Weekday and Saturday, daytime & evening: as now buses every 30 minutes

       Sunday as now daytime buses every 30 minutes, and evening buses every 60 minutes (every 30 minutes now)

       The Wadestown extra morning service is cancelled.

Proposal route 13/22/23/47, Mairangi

       Weekday peak buses average every 9 minutes (currently every 11 minutes) don't think this frequency is still in the plan

       Weekday & Saturday daytime as now every 30 minutes, evening every 60 minutes

       Sunday daytime every 60 minutes (every 30 minutes now), evening as now every 60 minutes

       Terminates at the Wellington Station bus terminal

       During the week some runs start at Johnsonville

       Route 13 (Glenmore Street) to continue - might have an extra run in the afternoon apparently now to go to Brandon Street.


       Mairangi buses go just to the station hub

       No Wadestown extra morning buses

       Some interest in Mairangi going to Johnsonville but concerns that incoming bus will be late or crowded

       Mairangi bus only 60 minutes on Sunday


55-85 Curtis Street (Area south of Whitehead Road)

The owner of this land put in the new resource consent application basically to fill the site to the level of Curtis Street but sloping down to the valley floor at the south end.

My submission said

       We would prefer the area to be bushed over or made into a wetland or swale, but since this is unlikely to happen here is our response to the present proposal.

       The application doesn't tell us about the next stage of the project. So neither us or the council can evaluate the pro and the cons. Specifically, will it respect its environment or will it stick out like a sore thumb. And it will be harder for Council to refuse consent for the next stage once this stage is underway.

       The proposal, as I understand it, is to fill over half the site to approximately the level of Curtis Street. This is a huge change from the present. I don't believe the hearing committee for District Plan Change 77 was made aware of plans for this level of fill. So, some of its recommendations may no longer be appropriate. Some fill may be desirable, but I suggest a much much less invasive fill.

       I endorse, specifically, the District Plan Change 77 requirements for the protection of the old Karori Road track and buffer zone.

       The developer wants more flexibility in the choice of routes for bringing in the fill. If he wants to use Wilton Road for moving the fill there will need to be extra conditions such as time of day and restrictions in the number of movements taking account of the schools and the tortuous nature of the road.

       Special measures will be needed to control dust. Even if work is restricted to still days the wind will be able to stir up the dust even when there is no work going on.

       The ten year time frame is too long.

The findings of the resource consent commissioner have just come out and I think they have been accepted by the council. They basically approve the resource consent subject to a long list of conditions. These include protecting the old Karori Road track and reducing the impact of the work.

We have the option to appeal but I don't propose to do this.