Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Wednesday, 20th November, 2013, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Ten Wilton residents


Tony Chisholm, Diane Ranger, Ron & Angie McIntosh, Ken Cuttle, Athol Swann, Simon Woolf, Jo Coughlan, Andy Foster.

Activities during 2013

Bus Services

There were several more meetings organised by the Greater Wellington Council. It now looks like the route 13 has been reinstated in some form. Here is the current situation:

14. Wilton - Wellington - Roseneath - Rongotai

Weekday bus frequency Saturday bus frequency Sunday bus frequency
Morning peak Daytime Afternoon peak Evening Daytime Evening Daytime Evening
10-15 30 10-5 30 30 30 30 60

23. Crofton Downs - Northland - Kelburn - Wellington - Houghton Bay

(Route 13 is to be retained in some form)
Weekday bus frequency Saturday bus frequency Sunday bus frequency
Morning peak Daytime Afternoon peak Evening Daytime Evening Daytime Evening
7-15 30 7-15 60 30 60 30 60


47. Johnsonville - Victoria University - John Street

To be retained as is.

See http://www.gw.govt.nz/draft-timetables for details and maps.


Curtis Street Business Area (Area south of Whitehead Road)

We decided last year to oppose the proposed development so I made both written and oral presentations opposing a large development like Mitre 10 Mega but being neutral about a smaller less obtrusive development. See http://wilton.wellington.net.nz/curtis_street_business_district.htm. The Hearing committee is supposed to report in December.

Town Belt

Tony Hurst attended workshops on this.

Candidates meetings

We organised meetings for both Regional Council Candidates and Health Board Candidates. These meetings were interesting but not well attended and we will need to reconsider whether to hold them again before the next election. All of Wilton was leafleted about the meetings, but the council failed to advertise the Regional Council Candidates meeting on their website and was late advertising the Health board one.

Treasurer's report

We have $244.04 in the bank account.

Other business

Tribute was paid to Ivor Newson who died this year. Ivor was on our committee for a number of years but had been in poor health recently.


Grass on council land

The council is mowing the grass on the edges of the roads only twice a year (if that). This is leading to very long grass at this time of the year which apart from being untidy is causing problems for hay fever sufferers and in some instances will lead to a fire risk when the grass dries out.

Bus shelter

The new bus shelter at the Otari entrance opposite Gloucester Street is ineffective at keeping the rain out.

Council meetings

The council committee meetings are help only 6 weekly or two-monthly for each committee. This is not often enough for the public to give feedback.

Brethren Church

This is to become a rest home.


Election of committee

Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee Tony Chisholm
Owen Cocker
Colin Smith
Tony Fisher
Ron Macintosh
Adam Beswick

The meeting finished at 8.45pm.