Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Wednesday 5th December, 2007, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Ten residents of Wilton.


Ivor Newson, Brian O'Sullivan, Tony Chisholm, Andy Foster, John Morrison, Jo Coughlan

Otari - comments by Athol

New Otari management plan completed. Otari Trust quite likes the plan. Emphasis needs to be more on implementation rather than investigation. Need more space for "collections". The management plan is available from the Council.

Gloucester Street Track

This forms part of the connection between Otari and Tinakori Reserves. Robert & Jock should try to follow this up. Should Council purchase a strip of land from the existing track to Wilton Road? Athol & Jock are looking into the track between Mammouth Way and Tinakori Hill.

Suggestions for future Activities

Presentation by David Ross, Community Constable, on what he does, neighbourhood support etc.

Presentation on Civil Defence

Rubbish collection - can we get sufficient helpers?

Other notes

Toilet in Otari Troup picnic area needs attention.

People don't seem to know about the lower parking area at Otari.

On Otari Open Day perhaps traffic cones could be used to stop parking in places that will impede the buses.

Infill housing still needs moderating - better rules now.

Excavation at end of Whitehead Road still needs fixing.

Albemarle Reserve Group has funding from Council - track running parallel to Albemarle road along stream

Wilton Road Churchill Drive corner needs attention.

Election of committee

Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee John Barnett
Tony Chisholm
Owen Cocker
Jock Fleming
Ivor Newson
Brian O'Sullivan
Colin Smith
Sylvia Goodwin
Heather Collier

The meeting finished at 9pm.