Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Thursday 30 November, 2006, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Councillors Andy Foster and John Morrison and around 10 residents of Wilton.


Jack Ruben

Treasurer's report

We have $415.41 in the bank.

Otari - comments by Athol

Submissions on Otari Management plan due in February.

The draft plan is for the land to the South of Otari to be added to Otari as a scenic reserve. Council has bought the land up to the ridge line. This should be added to Otari. Need a better entrance at the Southern end.

Stream below Churchill Drive tends to be administered by the Trelissick park group. Expect a track at some stage.


Both Wilton and Mairangi buses tend to be late for the trips from town to Wilton and Mairangi. Dirty buses are still a problem.

Buses cannot get through Gloucester Street when there is increased parking during events at the school or Otari. Some no-parking zones may be appropriate on the worst corners.


John Morrison noted that one needs a balance. There has been enormous improvements in Wellington over the last 25 years. The infra-structure is really important.

Central government is currently carrying out a review of rates.

Track through Gloucester Street reserve

Jock to write some notes on this.

Neighbourhood watch

If we want to follow this up or get more information we should invite Dave Ross, Karori community constable, to a committee meeting.

Pick up times for Green Bins

Should not be before 7.30pm?  

Election of committee

Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee John Barnett
Tony Chisholm
Owen Cocker
Jock Fleming
Ivor Newson
Brian O'Sullivan
Colin Smith
Athol Swann
Sylvia Goodwin

The meeting finished at 9pm.