Wilton Residents' Association

Minutes of the AGM held at 7:30pm, Tuesday 18 October, 2005, Otari Information Centre.

Robert Davies in the chair.


Councillors Andy Foster and Jack Ruben and around 30 residents of Wilton.


Davina Routley, Jock Fleming, Colin Smith, Ron & Claire Strain, Sue Locke, Noeline Stoops, Tony Hurst.

Discussion on Wilton Bowling Club proposal

The Wilton Bowling Club is seeking resource consent to build an Indoor Bowling Facility on its number one green. It would cover the green and at its maximum height be about twice the height above the green as the existing clubhouse. The Wilton Residents Association has been sent a copy of the resource consent document.

Athol Swann (Otari Wilton Bush Trust).

Susan Waugh (Otari Wilton Environment and Heritage Society) .

Other comments.


Chairperson    Robert Davies
Treasurer Tony Hurst
Committee John Barnett
Tony Chisholm
Owen Cocker
Jock Fleming
Ivor Newson
Brian O'Sullivan
Colin Smith
Athol Swann

General Business

Yellow crested cockatoos. A wild population of these is growing in the Wilton area. They are damaging trees and possibly houses as well as having a very unpleasant call. Probably a regional council responsibility.

Wilton bus route. The Wilton bus goes as far as Surrey Street. Why not go on to the Karori tunnel, say? On reason would be to improve access to Karori Sanctuary. Andy to ask for comment from StageCoach.

Filthy bus. A bus that has been used as a school bus can be filthy if not cleaned before being used for general passengers.

Earthworks. What is the status of the earthworks at the corner of Whitehead Road and Wilton Road? The present work presents a road hazard. (It turns out that these were unauthorised and have been stopped).